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Syn-Ice is the favorite choice of operators who want to provide ice skating excitement and activities without the cost and heavy equipment of refrigeration. No electric bill, low maintenance, highly portable, ideal for any skating activity, and best of all, new innovative manufacturing methods make it one of the most affordable synthetic products available today. Skates glide, edges hold, precision spins happen, pucks slide, and everyone is delighted.

Syn-Ice is the perfect product for full size ice skating rinks with multi-purpose use including hockey, figure skating, general skating, goalie training, and special promotions. Syn-Ice is also ideal for the homeowner who always wanted his own backyard or basement practice area.

Syn-Ice is a special ultra high density polymer blend product formulated to provide exceptional wear resistance and a friction free glide. Syn-Ice material provides this exceptional performance by being 10 time more dense than other high density plastic materials with an extremely long molecule chain which provides the self-lubricating characteristics of the product.


Syn-Ice, the perfect holiday center piece!

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