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Syn-Ice has made it possible to skate on a true “like ice” surface, without the expenses of a refrigeration unit and maintenance.   This extremely low friction surface results in a synthetic ice-skating sensation virtually identical to the feel of water-based ice.

Syn-Ice Premium is a new innovative product to the synthetic ice industry.  The panels are an interlocking dovetail design which produces perfectly aligned panel joints while hiding seams at the point of connection, which also eliminates the possibility of the panels pulling apart and creating dangerous holes in the rink floor.

Syn-Ice Premium is a very high molecular weight polyethylene that goes through a unique pressing process which makes it harder than any other synthetic ice on the market today.  This process produces a durable surface that has optimal sliding properties for skating rinks.  A lubricant is injected into the material during manufacturing which creates a self lubricating surface, no need to ever purchase lubricant like with other synthetic ice products.

The self lubricating surface will never need to be sprayed with a lubricant.  Shavings created by skating can be cleaning with a push broom or a wet/dry vac.  Skate sharpening should be kept to once a month.  Sharpening skates more frequently is excessive and not necessary.  The surface can be easily cleaned with regular “green” cleaning agents.  Skating rinks lined with Syn-Ice Premium can be operational 365 days a year, all day long, independent of weather or temperature conditions.

Installation is a snap; it’s as simple as building a puzzle.  Once the under floor is cleaned of debris the interlocking dovetail design makes installation a breeze.  Each panel is cut to perfection on computer controlled equipment to ensure a perfect fit every time.  Every panel matches up perfectly and aligns itself.  Once in place the panels can be pressed into place with the use of a rubber mallet.  The panels can easily be custom field cut with standard power tools such as a circular saw.

Some of the benefits of skating with Syn-Ice Premium:

  • Significantly improved sliding comfort due to surface hardness.
  • Saves time and cost (reduced maintenance; auto lubricant properties; no additional lubricating).
  • UV stable for outdoor use.
  • Very good abrasion resistance.
  • Long product lifetime and reusable and recyclable material.


Syn-Ice Premium Panel Information:

  • Panels are 1m x 3m x 18mm thick
  • Panel estimated weight is 122lbs each
  • Each panels covers roughly 33 square feet
  • Dovetail interlocking design
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