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Synthetic ice rinks have several benefits over real ice, from the ease of installation, to the lack of electric and refrigeration costs, to the near-lack of maintenance. But there is always one problem that still makes the real thing superior: speed. Nothing beats the swift, smooth feel as the edge of your skate glides effortlessly across the slick frozen surface. That is, until now…

Introducing Syn-Ice Glyde, a solution that bridges the gap between simulation and reality. Watch as skates glyde over the flawless surface just like the real thing! Syn-Ice Glyde is a soy based lubricant, making it 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and safe to use around people, animals, and plants. The product comes as a concentrate which is then diluted. A thin mist of the solution sprayed over the entire surface is all that’s required to supercharge your skating experience. 1-2 applications per day depending on rink usage is all it takes to keep skates glyding and people smiling. You’ll have to reach down and touch the white, mirror surface to believe that you’re not actually on real frozen H2O!

Our specially formulated Syn-Ice Glyde solution is water soluble and can be easily applied to your Syn-Ice surface with a garden sprayer. Whether it is for recreational skating or training, Syn-Ice Glyde will enhance the performance of your surface while skating. No doubt about it, Syn-Ice Glyde is the enhancer for your rink if you’re looking for that natural ice feel. Our concentrated solution can be mixed with water to achieve your desired glide performance by following our simple instructions. Any polymer skating surface can benefit from the use of Syn-Ice Glyde glide enhancer and has been the choice of many rink owners and training centers.

Syn-Ice Glyde comes standard with every installation of Syn-Ice Commercial. The package includes 5 gallons of the concentrated solution along with a 2 Gallon sprayer for application. We will gladly ship you more whenever you need it. Order your Syn-Ice Glyde glide enhancer today and enhance your rinks performance. Call today to place your order.

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