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Due to the many different Syn-Ice products and accessories available from Syn Ice, we prefer to custom tailor our standard prices to a customer’s specific project needs.

We like to consult with each customer personally by phone or email to help them purchase synthetic ice products that are ideally suited to their needs as well as their budget.  We can assist with the calculation of how many synthetic ice panels are required, determining what sub-surface preparation may be required, whether an underlayment is needed, to work out your synthetic ice price.

Most shipping is done via “freight,” and that plays a role in the cost, as well as where the product is delivered (Residential or Business) and weight of the order all changes the costs.  This can be easily calculated once we understand exactly what you need.  With all our years of experience, nobody is better qualified than Everything Ice/Syn-Ice to help ensure a successful order.

Please contact us for synthetic ice pricing!

For the fastest quotes please have ready the answers to the following questions:

  1. What will the synthetic ice surface be used for? Commercial use? Home? Hockey?
  2. Will the synthetic ice rink be inside or outside?
  3. What are the length and width you are interested in?
  4. What is the surface like where the Super-Glide surface will be placed? Cement? Level & flat?

So, when you’re wondering where to buy Syn-Ice, how much Syn-Ice costs, or anything else related to synthetic ice, give us a call!  We want to offer our years of experience, and our comprehensive knowledge of synthetic ice products, to help guide you to the very best decisions for your project.

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