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dovetail2Syn-Ice can handle all synthetic ice projects large and small, from full size ice sheets to small residential practice areas.  Syn-Ice Commercial is recommended for home use, smaller recreational or training rinks, and can be installed either indoors or outdoors.  Any flat space can become a skating rink.  Your garage, basement, driveway, deck, or even the back yard can become your very own personal rink.

Syn-Ice Commercial is the base model of synthetic ice and is our most affordable synthetic ice product, making the decision between quality and price a little easier for the budget-minded.  The panels are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE).  The panels are an interlocking dovetail design which produces perfectly aligned panel joints while hiding seams at the point of connection, which also eliminates the possibility of the panels pulling apart and creating dangerous holes in the rink floor.  The panels can be custom field cut with standard power tools to fit any shape.

Syn-Ice Commercial will need to be sprayed twice daily with the supplied lubricant (depending on usage).  For approximately every 100 skaters the rink should be cleaned and sprayed.  Also, cleaning and lubricating the surface should commence after every major skating session and at the close of business each day in preparation for the following day.  Shavings created by skating can be cleaning with a push broom or a wet/dry vac.  Skate sharpening should be kept to once a month.  Sharpening skates more frequently is excessive and not necessary.

Installation is a snap; it’s as simple as building a puzzle.  Once the under floor is cleaned of debris the interlocking dovetail design makes installation a breeze.  Each panel is cut to perfection on computer controlled equipment to ensure a perfect fit every time.  Every panel matches up perfectly and aligns itself.  Once in place the panels can be pressed into place with the use of a rubber mallet.  The panels can easily be custom field cut with standard power tools such as a circular saw.

 Syn-Ice Premium Panel Information:

  • Panels are 4.56’ x 8.0375’ x ½’’ or ¾’’ thick
    • ¾’’ panels are recommended for heavy traffic projects.
  • Panel estimated weight is 130lbs each
  • Each panels covers roughly 36 square feet
  • Dovetail interlocking design
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