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Syn-Ice is a special ultra high density polymer blend product formulated to provide exceptional wear resistance and a friction free glide. Syn-Ice material provides this exceptional performance by being 10 times more dense than other high density plastic materials with an extremely long molecule chain which provides the self-lubricating characteristics of the product.

Our advance of new formulations has led to exceptional performance, producing a surface friction closer to real ice than ever before. The panels are excellent for indoor or outdoor applications and are designed to withstand some of the most severe temperature conditions.

The panels are made in 4′ x 8′ sections to minimize joints.By minimizing the amount of joints, our design significantly reduces the time needed for  installation and removal process. The larger panels also compensate for slight imperfections in the underlying surface. Panels weigh approximately 120 lb. (4×8). Sections are produced in 3/4″ thickness which gives the floor mass so it sounds and feels solid, as well as providing a long lasting super flat skating surface. An interlocking puzzle-piece shaped design produces perfectly aligned panel joints while hiding seams at the point of connection, which also eliminates the possibility of the panels pulling apart and creating dangerous holes in the rink floor. Our Syn-Ice joint system is ideal for the installation and removal of a portable application while still providing durable, maintenance free performance necessary for a permanent Syn-Ice installation. All panels are UV stable, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Figure Skating on Syn-Ice

Figure skating on Syn-Ice will dramatically boost speed and endurance.  Improved performance is immediate as the Syn-Ice surface is nominally more resistant than ice. When skating on Syn -Ice, the figure skater is required to push with additional force due to the increased resistance. After training on Syn-Ice, the figure skater will note an exceptional increase in strength when skating on real ice. Syn-Ice can be instrumental in developing better jumps and spins.  From waltz jumps to triple axles, all figure skating elements can be performed on Syn-Ice.

  • Edge jumps: Syn-Ice encourages figure skaters to press harder into jumps, resulting in more height on the ice.
  • Toe jumps: Syn-Ice teaches figure skaters to place the toe pick correctly for more efficient take-offs.
  • Spins: Syn-Ice enhances spinning; figure skaters will use more strength and focus on better positions, resulting in faster more controlled spins.


Syn-Ice surfaces challenge figure skaters to refine their spins and erase small technique flaws. Practicing on Syn-Ice boosts figure skaters’ spinning ability.  Ultimately, figure skaters overall performance is increased, skaters who aspire to be the best are now training on Syn-Ice.  With a home rink from Syn-Ice, time once wasted traveling to ice rinks becomes extra practice hours. Figure skaters save time, money and fuel while enhancing skills.  The slowest students are soon the fastest.


Playing Hockey on Syn-Ice

Play and Practice Hockey on Syn-Ice.  Just like any sport, success in playing hockey requires years of practice.  Among team sports, hockey always stood alone because expensive and inconvenient time on ice was the only way to practice.  No longer!  Now, Syn-Ice opens a world of unlimited hockey practice time at home, or in any location!


With Syn-Ice, you can now practice hockey at home, no ice rink required.  Professional hockey players have been training on synthetic ice since 2000.  Regular hockey practice on Syn-Ice increases strength, speed and stamina. Stick handling and skating coordination are also greatly improved.


  • Syn-Ice synthetic ice helps hockey players develop skills faster through unlimited practice time.
  • Syn-Ice synthetic ice makes hockey training affordable and practical.
  • Syn-Ice synthetic ice is the best synthetic ice for hockey practice.  No other artificial ice compares.
  • Hockey Stops and Slap shots can easily be done on Syn-Ice synthetic ice.

Syn-Ice is virtually maintenance free. We include a set of exclusive Syn-Ice cleaning and conditioning tools standard with every installation.

These are just some of the benefits of skating with Syn-Ice:

  • The closest synthetic product to real ice available today.
  • Skates glide even faster over time the more it’s skated on.
  • No refrigeration or electric bill.
  • No ice resurfacing machine or skilled operators required to drive it.
  • No temperature and environment restriction like real ice.
  • Rink is ready to skate on within hours from the start of the installation.
  • Low weight compared to real ice, permitting installation on roofs, mezzanines, and other locations where real ice is not practical.
  • Stores in a very compact space when not being used.
  • Easy to handle and transport.
  • Can be used on moving floats.
  • Works great for special promotions where a temporary surface is required.
  • Long lifespan for heavy use.


We offer full system installs, covering all aspects from:

  • Seating
  • Concessions
  • Ticket booths
  • Locker rooms
  • Rubber flooring
  • Railing systems
  • Skates
  • Skate sharpeners
  • Training
  • Operations
  • Accessories
  • Portable skate racks

Contact us to learn more information about Syn-Ice! – (888) 543-0921

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