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What is Syn-Ice?

Syn-Ice is a high-tech plastic that you can skate on.  Syn-Ice is a synthetic ice skating surface composed of specially engineered polymers that permit a skate blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice.

Syn-Ice Commercial is the base model of synthetic ice with material composed of a high density polyethylene (HDPE). Syn-Ice Premium is a very high molecular weight polyethylene that goes through a unique pressing process which makes it harder than any other synthetic ice on the market today.

How does Synthetic Ice Work?

Skating on ice means gliding on a thin layer of water as the blade’s friction generates heat and melts the ice surface. Skating on Syn-Ice Premium causes the same friction and heat, which releases lubricants chemically engineered into Syn-Ice.  This sets Syn-Ice Premium synthetic ice apart from all competitors.  Older synthetic ice surfaces required silicone lubricants.  When skate blades cut through the silicone and hit dry spots, skaters felt undesirable sticking that increased friction and made skating harder.  Syn-Ice Premium’s unique formula eliminates sticking and allows the blade to glide smoothly at all times.

Is it harder to skate on Syn-Ice?

All synthetic ice surfaces require more effort to perform maneuvers due to the added friction of skating on a polymer surface.  This is one of the reasons why synthetic ice is used throughout the industry as a training tool for skaters of all ages.  Once skaters are introduced to synthetic ice they often adjust quickly to the surface and make a smooth transition in just a short time.

Can I perform a “hockey stop” on Syn-Ice?

Yes.  All the same maneuvers that can be executed on “natural” refrigerated ice such as stops, starts, crossovers, backwards crossovers, toe kicks and jumps can all be performed on Syn-Ice.

How does a hockey puck react on a Syn-Ice surface?

A hockey puck will glide across the Syn-Ice surface just as fast as on ice.

What sizes and thickness is Syn-Ice available?

Syn-Ice panels are available in two standard sizes. Syn-Ice Commercial panels measure 4.56’ x 8.0375’ x 1/2″ (or 3/4’’) and weigh approximately 130 lbs each.  Syn-Ice Premium panels measure 1m x 3m x 18mm and weigh approximately 122 lbs each.

How does Syn-Ice fit together?

The Syn-Ice panels we use are an interlocking puzzle-piece shaped design which produces perfectly aligned panel joints while hiding seams at the point of connection, which also eliminates the possibility of the panels pulling apart and creating dangerous holes in the rink floor. .

How easily does Syn Ice fit together?

Installation of a Syn-Ice rink floor is as simple as building a puzzle.  Two people can easily assemble a rink in a matter of hours. Panels require just a few minutes each to install on a properly prepared sub-surface. Once the under floor is cleaned of debris the dovetail design makes installation a breeze.  Every panel matches up perfectly and aligns itself.  Once in place the panels can be pressed into place with the use of a rubber mallet.  The panels can easily be custom field cut with standard power tools such as a circular saw.

Can Syn-Ice be laid on grass?

Though Syn-Ice panels can be placed directly on a grass surface, to ensure a quality Syn-Ice rink it is recommended one has a solid, flat and level surface. If a grass surface is preferred, we recommend a sub-floor or a vapor barrier to protect the panels for which we can provide assistance.

Can Syn Ice be damaged by frost or sun exposure?

No. Syn-Ice is virtually unaffected by high and low temperatures and is UVA protected.

Is a roof required over a Syn-Ice skating rink?

No roofing is needed over a Syn Ice rink, but a roof does prevent contaminants from falling on the skating surface. Excessive surface dirt slows the skate blade’s glide.

Does one have to dry a rink after rain?

Syn-Ice is unaffected by rain and water and can be skated on wet.

Is there any maintenance involved with Syn-Ice?

Syn-Ice Commercial will need to be sprayed twice daily with the supplied lubricant (depending on usage). For approximately every 100 skaters the rink should be cleaned and sprayed. Also, cleaning and lubricating the surface should commence after every major skating session and at the close of business each day in preparation for the following day. Syn-Ice Premium requires no lubricant, only a light sweeping as shavings build up.

How is Syn-Ice cleaned?

Shavings created by skating can be cleaning with a push broom or a wet/dry vac. Skate sharpening should be kept to once a month. Sharpening skates more frequently is excessive and not necessary. .

Is it necessary to use a glide enhancer with Syn-Ice?

It is recommended to use Syn-Ice Glyde with the Syn-Ice Commercial product to enhance the glide performance of the panels.  You can use Syn-Ice Glyde with the Syn-Ice Premium product but it is not necessary as the panels are already self lubricating.

How often do I need to apply a glide enhancer to Syn-Ice Commercial?

The amount of glide enhancer applications is strictly a matter of preference depending on how you want your synthetic ice surface to perform.  Indoor rinks not exposed to rain will require less glide enhancer applications than an outdoor rink.

What is the life expectancy of Syn-Ice?

With two sides for use, a Syn-Ice rink will last beyond 10-20 years.

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